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Community Hub

The Community Hub Brewood is a facility run jointly by two volunteer committees and is set on 7 Principles below.

1. Home of 2nd Brewood Scouts – The Wakefield Green site is the home and will always be the home of 2nd Brewood Scouts. This includes the community hub and the Scout hut. This reflects our history and over 10 years of fundraising to buy the site. Priority will be given to the 2nd Brewood Scouting group

2. Community Use – The community of Brewood helped fundraise the money to buy the Wakefield green site. As grants raised for renovation were for community use, the community hub hut will be available to the all the community of Brewood to use.

3. Hub committee – The Community Hub owned by 2nd Brewood Scouts and ultimately the responsibility of the Scout committee, the running of the community hub will be undertaken by the hub committee. The committee will have a Scout representative who needs to be present when decisions are made.

4. Identity – The Scouts and the Community Hub Committee both working together will be stronger and provide more opportunities. The two organisations will also maintain their own identities, whilst maintaining the values that the Scout association hold important.

5. Management – For ease of day-to-day management all bookings and changes proposed by the Scouts to the community hub will be discussed with the Hub Committee.

6. Reinvesting in the community – The hub committee have responsibility for the day to day running, cashflow and development of the hub. Any major investment or changes will be discussed by both hub and Scout committee. The Scout representative has the right to refer matters to either the GSL/Chairperson, or the whole Scout executive for discussion if they feel it is appropriate.

7. Health and wellbeing – The Scouting organisation prides itself on promoting good citizenship; the hub through its use by the community will promote health and wellbeing activities as a priority use both physical and mental.

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